The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation celebrates 5 years

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation celebrates 5 years

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Today marks the 5th anniversary of the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation.  A charity firmly rooted in the community, set up to honour the dreams and aspirations of Chanel Lee Easy who passed away on the 2nd October 2011. It is the dream of the CLSF to change the world by carrying out activities to meet the vision, dreams, and aspirations of Chanel.

The charity’s remit is birthed from Chanel’s action plan which we have referred to as Chanel’s final wishes. This drives the vision of the charity and has given greater clarity in forming the constitution of the organisation.

During the charities transitional stage, the charity has maintained its legal status and is currently registered as a small charity. What this means is that as a charity, we are afforded the opportunity to maintain a steady growth, this is needed in order to develop the scope of the full charity aims.

Central to our focus is the continued legacy of Chanel. The foundation is proud to report how this has been a driving force in exposing the charities vision. We are equally proud of the unwavering support the charity has received to date. This has given credibility to the charity and provides a springboard of welcoming change in our community.

The foundation has received ongoing support from a number of individuals, sponsors, and local organisations. This has helped enormously to give the charity its rightful exposure, as a result the CLSF is still determined to expand and develop its remit.We appreciative the ongoing support and  hope you all remain on this journey with us. 

Yellow Smile Day

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation celebrates the 22nd May each year as Yellow Day Day. This is Chanel’s birthday and the day is used to highlight special memories, draw reference to the arts and bring awareness of the CLSF within the community. The day is also used to recognize the work of the on going work of the CLSF.


In 2012, the charity introduced its very first Yellow Smile Day Year to the community which took at a number of local schools and at Cannon Hill Park. This was a great success. A number of young people were involved in bringing together the legacy of Chanel. In song, poetry, dance, rapp and in song. Yellow Smile featured highlights included an exclusive interview with comedian Felix Dexter and the official release of the charity song ‘There is No Way to say Goodbye’ This song has remained charity anthem and has been listened to all over the world. In 2012, the Yellow Smile Day celebrations was also marked with a special interview from the late celebrity and comedian Felix Dexter who sadly passed away in 2013.


The charity gained social recognition for its growth in the community. Yellow Smile day was held in Birmingham town centre and the first Chanel Lee Smile Award was given to a member of the community as part of the Youth Excellence Awards. Since this period, a number of young people in the community have accepted the Chanel Lee Smile Award; this again has drawn recognition to the remit of the charity and Chanel’s vision. The charity produced its second single ‘Dry Your Eyes’ promoting the role of the foundation in the local community.


The charity has focused on bereavement service and solicited the assistance of a local professional counselor to offer services to the public and bereaved parents. The charity produced its third single ‘Angel’ again promoting the role of the foundation.


The CLSF promoted Yellow Smile Day via social media. The strong presence of social media and active forums has provided a platform for the charity to gain exposure. The continuation of social media presence has been useful for CLSF, we have been able to share information on the charity.


The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation is happy to announce  Yellow Smile Day 2017 & celebrates 5 years of being a registered charity.  We continue to use social media to push awareness of the charity. We ask for the support of all our supporters sharing the page to your friends and social contacts. Please feel free to leave a message or send a message

The CLSF prides itself on delivering the services featured in the governance. We take great pride in the charities progress and are continually committed to ensuring the charity continues to go from strength to strength. In Chanel’s own words ‘it is our responsibility to help God’s people.

Special thanks to all contributors over the years. We are hoping to develop the charity, but will continue to rely on the support from the local community

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