CLSF Special Coverage of Manchester Attacks 22nd May 2017

CLSF Special Coverage of Manchester Attacks 22nd May 2017

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation Yellow Smile Day celebrations have been overshadowed by the events occurring over the last 72 hours in Manchester.

The latest incident took place on the evening of Monday 22nd May 2017. This day is celebrated annually by the CLSF as Yellow Smile Day yellow Smile Day 2017 This year marks the 5th anniversary of the charity.  Given the remit of ‘The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation‘ in supporting young people and bereaved parents, we would like to bring you special coverage of this and offer some support to those who have been affected.

It is with sadness that we report on the major atrocity that has impacted the city of Manchester, the UK and the world. 21,000 people were in attendance of the concert featuring US singing sensation Arianda GrandeArianna Grande held at the Manchester Arena this week when an explosion occurred. It is reported that a massive bang was heard around 10.30pm on Monday night. The pop star was unharmed but she is said to be ‘broken’

In the aftermath of the attack, the city of Manchester has united, vowing to stand together. Despite the immediate challenges that are present, the community have been urged to come together in the face of adversity. Other vigils have taken place across the UK, in Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Glasgow. Further vigils are expected to be held in Norwich and other parts of the UK and overseas.

At this time, it is difficult to gauge the extent to which lives will be affected. Parents, children and individuals will no doubt struggle to come to terms with the gravity of this situation and will need appropriate support.

Deborah Lee – Founder of CLSF 

 ‘I have been affected  directly by bereavement after losing my only child. I cannot begin to comprehend the heartache that each of these parents are going through at this time. No words can ever be enough, but I hope that the right support will be offered to grieving parents, families and all those who have lost their loved ones in this disaster’ 

A number of community officials have indicated that this is the largest attack the city of Manchester has experienced. The aftermath of the attack will have widespread impact on those directly affected and the wider community. Knowing that some parents will never see their children again or even have a chance to say goodbye will be indeed be traumatizing.  To those who have lost family members, friends, colleagues it will be equally hard to come to terms with an adjustment of this magnitude. The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation would urge organizations to come together to offer the necessary support in the wake of this crisis.  A number of agencies have offered some free resources and advice for children, parent and individuals who have been affected.

Advice video for children For children affected by the Manchester Attacks

For People who have been affected People Affected by Manchester Attacks

Victim support Victim Spport Advice  Tel: 0808 168 9293

Mental Health Support NHS Choices NHS Choices Mental Health Support

The death toll has reached 22, with youngest victim being as young as eight. The number of people missing is still unconfirmed. The number of people injured in the attacks has risen from 59 to 64. A 23 year old man has been arrested with connection of the attack.

Police Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police- Ian Hopkins has describes the recent attacks as ‘the most horrific attack Manchester has ever faced.’

A number of celebrities have paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack James Corden pays Emotionally tribute – The

Other celebrities paying tribute Other Celebrities paying tribute David Beckham, Cherly Cole, Harry Stokes The Mirror

David Beckham

If you have been affected or know anyone requiring assistance, please see below details of how to contact various agencies:

Emergency Helpline numbers 0800 096 0095  
Manchester City Council 

For additional support please contact

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation

CLSF Bereavement Support resource – Available upon request.
The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation would like to take this opportunity to send condolences to all families.  Special acknowledgement to emergency services/agencies, local heroes and the general public who have given their time and services tirelessly throughout this period.

One thought on “CLSF Special Coverage of Manchester Attacks 22nd May 2017

  1. Lorraine Russell

    I stand in agreement with you Deborah. The Manchester attack was a truely devastating atrosity and the loss of such young and inoccent lives is beyond words. My heart goes out to all the families, friends and loved ones who have suffered such a great loss. I can only imagine the greif and devastation, but I stand with them all in prayer. My heart felt condolences goes out to all those who are bereaved at this sad time.
    Thank you for including various agencies, who I’m sure will be able to offer help and support at such a critical time.
    Chanel Lee, always in our hearts, forever loved.
    Yours in sadness.
    Lorraine x

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